Sarah Vianney


Because I can give you more ideas…

With over 20 years’ of journalistic experience spanning music, radio, TV and film, storytelling is my forte. Having started out as a freelance writer and TV presenter, for shows such as Austria’s 60-minute music show Clipcorner and the culture/trends show Babylon shot on location in Los Angeles, I am first and foremost a bilingual journalist specializing as a producer/director for TV and documentaries.

My love of long format narrative began while working on documentaries on women’s rights and an in-depth look at Kurt Schuschnigg with my father, when I was 16. I have also written editorials, interviews and cover stories for newspapers and magazines all over the world. For a long time, I specialized in in-depth interviews with challenging people.

My latest project, Queens of Botswana, a documentary on three women finding their freedom by living a Heavy Metal lifestyle, is due for release in May 2018.